Award Processing

Once an award is received by Stanford, a SeRA award record is created.  The SeRA system records the scope of the work, special circumstances and Stanford University’s key agreement points.  In some instances negotiations may be required so the agreement terms and conditions meet Stanford's institutional policies.

After the terms and conditions have been agreed upon and the award is accepted by the University on behalf of the Principal Investigator, the award record is completed in SeRA. The Award Approval Notification (AAN) is then emailed to project stakeholders.  

Immediately after the AAN is sent, the department account PTA setup contact is sent a notification and assigned an action item on their SeRA Dashboard prompting them to complete the department portion of the SeRA PTA Setup task for submission to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR).

After the department completes their portion of the PTA Setup task, the OSR Post Award team completes the remaining elements of the SeRA account PTA Setup and submits the PTA information to the Oracle Financials system which triggers the sending of the Notice of Award (NOA) to project stakeholders.  The NOA includes the PTA account combinations.