Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF)

The Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) captures information necessary for proposal review and endorsement by Stanford University. The PDRF also documents the approvals required for the submission of a proposal.

The Principal Investigator’s approval of the PDRF provides certifications required by government agencies, and an agreement to comply with Stanford and sponsor policies.

Departmental approvals confirm financial commitments made in a proposal, and that stated personnel and facilities are available to carry out the project. Other approvals may be required depending on policies, processes and case-specific circumstances.

Principal Investigators and department administrators are encouraged to initiate the PDRF early in the proposal development process. 

Initiate a New Proposal (PDRF)

1.      Log into the SeRA web portal:
2.     Click the teal “Start PDRF” button in the upper right.  If you have SeRA Department Administrator access and land on My Dashboard when logging into SeRA, please select the teal "Start" button and then select "+PDRF" from the options menu.
3.     Select “Agreement Type” from the drop down menu.  Click  "Start"
4.      Complete the fields and questions as appropriate and maneuver through each page of the PDRF using either the Left Hand Navigation menu, or click on the “Next” or "Previous" action items located at the bottom right of your screen


Do NOT add the PI or Fellow to the "Approvers & Comments" page.  They are automatically included in the approval routing.
5. Select your "Institutional Organization" and your "Institutional Official"
6. Click the "Review for Completeness" action item located on the right-hand navigation under the  "Actions" menu


If you omit entries to required fields, a message will display indicating the sections that must be completed.


7.   Click the "Submit for Approvals" action item located at the bottom right of your screen
8.    The PDRF will route for approvals and disappear from your Action Items from your Dashboard/Home Page.  However, you can monitor its status from your Pipeline.

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Approve PDRF

1.    Log into the SeRA web portal at: or access clickable link to the PDRF via email sent to you
2.   From the “Open Tasks” section click on the blue hyperlink for the PDRF with an “Approve PDRF”  task.  If you have SeRA Department Administrator access and land on My Dashboard when loggiging into SeRA, any PDRFs pending approval will show under your "My Action Items"
3.   Fill in the appropriate fields and maneuver through each page
4.   After certifying/approving the PDRF, you will be returned to your Home page and the PDRF will no longer be listed under the "Open Tasks" section or, for those with SeRA Department Administrator access, the  "My Actions" section.

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User Guides

Please visit the ORA SeRA and Cayuse 424 User Guides webpage for step-by-step PDRF and other SeRA and Cayuse 424 user guides which cover a range of topics and processes.


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