Who is OSR?

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is a business unit under the Office of Research Administration (ORA).  OSR is comprised of a Pre-Award and Post-Award units.  The Pre-Award unit provides expertise to assist faculty in the review, submission, negotiation, and acceptance of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements for research, training, and other sponsored programs.  The Post-Award unit provides expertise and service for account setup, interim reporting, cost transfer review and award closeout review and reporting.  The Post-Award unit also works closely with the Sponsored Receivables Management team to facilitate the appropriate account setup attributes to ensure billing and payments are properly processed. 

Name Position Sunet ID Phone
Brewer, Russell Associate Vice President of Sponsored Research grbrewer@stanford.edu 650-725-9060
Alcazar, Luis Research Accountant alcazar2@stanford.edu 650-723-5854
Arita, David Administrative Associate darita@stanford.edu 650-723-2856
Barron, Tania Research Accountant taniapb@stanford.edu 650-723-3869
Batterbee, Bethany Contract & Grant Officer bbatterb@stanford.edu 650-724-7259
Brown, Dora Assistant Director, Financial Systems dorab@stanford.edu 650-736-1950
Bullock, Chaz'a Contract & Grant Associate cbull@stanford.edu  650-498-9769
Burger, Patrice Research Accountant pburger@stanford.edu 650-724-0402
Caldera, Preston Contract & Grant Associate pcaldera@stanford.edu 650-497-7363
Catindig, Maria Teresa Senior Research Accountant mtlane@stanford.edu  650-725-7376
Cayabyab, Helen  Research Accountant helenc1@stanford.edu 650-723-0637
Chan, Angel Subrecipient Monitoring Associate acchan@stanford.edu 650-721-6391
Chau, Sue Accounting Manager sue.chau@stanford.edu 650-725-4794
Cook, Ann Financial Analyst anncook@stanford.edu 650-721-1085
DeGracia, Mary Contract & Grant Associate mdegra@stanford.edu 650-725-7441
Del Bono, Brian Senior Contract & Grant Officer bdelbono@stanford.edu 650-725-8109
Diep, Heather Senior Research Accountant hxdiep@stanford.edu 650-724-6896
Dietrich, Megan Client Advocacy and Education Specialist reymar@stanford.edu 650-721-2236
Doan, Sarah Research Accountant doans@stanford.edu 650-725-6595
Duong, Tony Senior Research Accountant tonyduong@stanford.edu 650-721-1746
Emric, Branka Research Accountant bemric13@stanford.edu 650-725-7639
Erece, Sandra Operations Manager serece@stanford.edu 650-723-4637
Rodrigo Esquivel Research Accountant erodrigo@stanford.edu 650-724-7142
Ganeff, Nina Senior Research Accountant nganeff@stanford.edu 650-725-0622
Graham, Pat Research Accounting Associate pagraham@stanford.edu 650-723-8072
Hart, Amanda Administrative Associate achart@stanford.edu 650-725-7753
Ho, Katherine Deputy to Assoc. Vice President & Executive Director katherine.ho@stanford.edu 650-725-3304
Ho, Matthew Contract & Grant Officer mattho@stanford.edu 650-725-1291
Hsu, Flora  Contract & Grant Associate cfhsu@stanford.edu 650-723-9103
Huang, Shelly Financial Systems Analyst shelly24@stanford.edu 650-723-5228
Jackson, Tonya Administrative Associate tonya@stanford.edu 650-725-2525
Jones, Caroline Assistant Director, Pre Award Operations cejones@stanford.edu 650-721-6395
Jung, Esther Research Accountant estherj@stanford.edu 650-723-5380
Kahsai, Ada Research Accountant alkahsai@stanford.edu 650-721-1398
Kinne, Erin Contract & Grant Officer ekinne@stanford.edu 650497-6089
Kong, Judy Research Accountant judykong@stanford.edu 650-725-6357
Lat, Roberto Senior Research Accountant rlat@stanford.edu 650-725-9126
Lessing, Ariele Contract & Grant Officer alessing@stanford.edu 650-725-1582
Leung, Tim Assistant Director, Client Advocacy and Education tnleung@stanford.edu 650-725-5966
Loredo, Robert Contract & Grant Officer rloredo@stanford.edu 650-725-4320
Luc, Lynora Research Accountant lynora12@stanford.edu 650-724-7137
Makarchuk, Sarah Contract & Grant Associate smakarch@stanford.edu 650-736-6143
Markley, John Assistant Director, Organizational Insights johnmarkley@stanford.edu 650-497-2648
Maruo-Hanamoto, Tracy Senior Research Accountant tracym@stanford.edu 650-723-4234
Morimoto, Neil Business Contracts Officer neilm1@stanford.edu 650-724-7769
Mui, Marie Assistant Director, Post Award Operations mmui@stanford.edu 650-725-0092
Murphy, Joshua Contract & Grant Officer murphyjd@stanford.edu 650-721-1913
Muzzio, Natalie Senior Contract & Grant Officer muzzio@stanford.edu 650-724-0907
Nguyen, Hai  Research Accountant thachhai@stanford.edu 650-736-0159
Pane, Michiko Director, Pre Award Operations & Client Advocacy & Education michiko@stanford.edu 650-723-2610
Pobuta, Nicole Senior Contract & Grant Officer npobuta@stanford.edu 650-723-6267
Podesta, Gary Senior Contract & Grant Officer gplaw@stanford.edu 650-723-6211
Register, Laura Assistant Director, Subaward Oversight & Compliance laregist@stanford.edu 303-838-2163
Reuter, Timothy E Director, Post Award Operations & Sponsored Receivables Mgmt treuter@stanford.edu 650-721-1758
Rim, Eumie Research Accountant erim@stanford.edu 650-725-1245
Roznovsky, Krista Contract & Grant Officer kmsroz@stanford.edu 650-725-1979
Salazar, Valentin Systems Support Analyst vsalazar@stanford.edu 650-736-6328
Sivaramakrishna, Sree Research Accountant sree@stanford.edu 650-725-3570
Sok, Henry Research Accountant csok21@stanford.edu 650-725-2090
Sue, Lili Senior Research Accountant lsue@stanford.edu 650-725-8941
Sy, Dell Assistant Director, Post Award Operations wsy@stanford.edu 650-721-1598
Thomas, Aileen Executive Assistant to Assoc. Vice President aileent@stanford.edu 650-721-3014
Tom, Theresa Assistant Director, Pre Award Operations theresatom@stanford.edu 650-723-0483
Velasquez, Anabel Systems Support Analyst anabelv@stanford.edu 650-724-5098
Welch, Michala Contract & Grant Officer welchmi6@stanford.edu 650-736-7736 
Yu, Dora Research Accountant dora@stanford.edu 650-497-7853
Zhang, Yani Senior Research Accountant yani@stanford.edu 650-723-9227

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