SeRA and Cayuse 424 User Guides

SeRA Access

Anyone with an active SU Net ID can access SeRA to initiate a proposal and access records that they have previously initiated or been added to by another user. 

SeRA Department Administrator Access Guide - Used to access all SeRA records for a unit

SeRA SPO Level Access Guide - How to grant someone access to a specifc SeRA SPO record


Proposal Routing

For proposals submitted through the School of Medicine's Research Management Group (RMG), PDRFs are initiated by the Research Process Manager (RPM).

SoM's RMG is piloting the Proposal Intake Form (PIF).  If you are participating in the pilot, please refer to the below PIF guides.

SoM PIF Tutorial Video

SoM PIF User  Guide for PIs

SoM PIF User Guide for Staff


Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) Guides

PDRF Preparation Guide

Progress Report PDRF Guide

Supplement PDRF Guide

Renewal PDRF Guide

Resubmission PDRF Guide

University Research PDRF Guide

PI PDRF Approval Guide

OSF PDRF Approval Guide

IDC Waiver Guide

Budget Details Quick Guide

Default PDRF Approvers and FYIs Guide


Cayuse 424 ( submissions)

Cayuse 424 Quick Guide

Cayuse 424 Training Seminar

Cayuse 424 People Profiles Guide

Cayuse 424 Institutional Profiles Guide

Cayuse 424 Incoming Subawards Guide

Cayuse 424 Outgoing Subawards Guide

Cayuse 424 Comprehensive Guide

Cayuse 424 Institutions

Linking a Cayuse 424 Proposal to a PDRF

My PI is a subrecipient on a proposal, and the pass through entity uses Workspace


PTA Manager

Sponsored PTA Manager Early Account Request Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager New Account Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager Amendments Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager Extended Account Request Guide

Sponsored PTA Setup Matrix


SeRA OSR Request Forms

SeRA OSR Request Form Overview

Check Next Funding Increment Status

No Cost Extension Request

Sponsor Approval for Carry Forward

Sponsor Approval for Changing PI

Sponsor Approval for Equipment Purchase

Sponsor Approval for Key Personnel Change

Sponsor Approval for New Subaward

Sponsor Approval for PI Effort Change

Sponsor Approval for Rebudgeting

Sponsor Approval for SOW Change

Sponsor Approval for Travel

Budget Reallocation

Make Expenditure Type Chargeable/Non-Chargeable

Modify Existing PTA Attribute

New Cost Share Project Task

New Fabrication Project - Task

New Program Income Award

New Task


My Projects

My Projects User Guide

My Accounts

Updating Major Goals Information

Marking Proposals as Rejected and Undoing Proposal Rejections

Other Support Report - NIH Format

Current & Pending Report - General Format


Searching and Reporting in SeRA

Basic Search

Transaction Search

Extended Search

Interactive Reporting

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