User Guide: OBI 179 Expenditure Award Report

Follow these steps to run, view and customize the report.


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Report Criteria

Complete one or more report criteria using the prompts.

GL Periods (MMM-YYYY) are mandatory fields.

The Reset button provides a drop-down menu with three options: going back to last applied values, default values, or clearing all. 

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Interactive Features

This report has several interactive features that allow you to modify how data is displayed. 

  • By right clicking a column, you have several options to reconfigure a report by sorting, excluding, including, or moving a column.
  • You can even move a column to the view area and create a custom filter.

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Customization and Saving Settings

You can save report settings (search criteria, views, and column sorting and position) by using the Customization menu available from the Page Options menu.

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Printing and Exporting

Printing and exporting can be done for an individual report, an entire page or an entire dashboard. There are two print options depending on your preference.

  1. First option is through Dashboard Page


2. Second option is through Print Option located below the page of the report.

Note: Click the double sided blue arrow to see or print all rows in the report. 


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Sample Report

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Page 2

Page 3

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