User Guide: OBI 149 Quarterly Review and Certification

Follow these steps to run, view and customize the report.



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Report Criteria

All of the prompts can be typed in except for Academic Qtr Period. If the exact format of the criteria is unknown the value must be searched and selected from the dropdown or from the search function (f12) at the bottom of the drop down menu. Search for the appropriate value and highlight it by clicking the correct value. Then click the top “>” move arrow to transfer it into the “Selected” field.

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Scheduling the Report

In order to Schedule a report, it is necessary to first run the report to access the Scheduling function. This requirement is fulfilled as long as there is an output to your criteria and can even be fulfilled by using the “Award Number” dropdown for “AAAAA”.

Select the Action button (the bullets image) and use the dropdown menu below the prompts but top right above the output and select “Schedule”.


A page opens with 4 tabs:


General - This tab is where you can enter the parameters that you wish to apply to your report. These are the same prompts as the First page of the report.

Output -  This tab is where you can change the destination type. The default is email, by clicking “Add Destination” you can expand the email destination, cc, subject, and message.

Schedule - This tab allows the user to decide when the report will run. The report will use the data available when the report is ran, so a July 1st report will have data up to that point. It is also possible to set up an automated report than runs at the end of every month by using the frequency box and changing the start time.

Notification - This tab will allow the user to send an FYI to another user with information about the status of the report.

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Printing and Exporting the Report

Select the Action button (the bullets image) and use the dropdown menu in the top right of the page and select “Export”.

In order to print the report, the file should be a .pdf to avoid formatting issues.


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Sample OBI 149 Report