Proposal and Award Lifecycle

Understand who can serve as a PI and what exceptions can be made.
Get an in-depth view of how SeRA handles PDRFs, awards, and PTA setup.
School specific guides for preparing and routing proposals for institutional review and submission to the sponsor.
Learn about standard proposal components; budget basics, rates, and institutional facts.
Learn the mechanics of Cayuse 424, and Federal sponsors.
Learn about award types, negotiating agreements, and award acceptance.
PTA setup procedures for new, early, cost sharing, subawards, modifying, and transaction controls.
Principles and best practices for managing awards, including expenditure review and certification and program income.
Online system for review and PI certification of expenditures.
Checklists and instructions for completing award closeout activities and sponsor reporting requirements.
Understand our obligation to keep important documents and when and what can destroyed.
Learn about the new OBI reports and other reporting requirements