Reports Overview

OBI and RM3 Reports

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  • Account Structure: Stanford's Chart of Accounts
  • Banking and Commerce
  • Buying and Paying
  • Capital Equipment and Capital Projects
  • Financial Authority
  • Financial Reporting Tools
  • Funds Management
  • Month-End / Year-End Close
  • Payroll Administration
  • Payroll for Employees
  • Petty Cash Administration
  • Reimbursement
  • Supporting Students
  • Tax Compliance
  • Travel

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Financial Reporting to Federal and Non-Federal Sponsors

Federal Awards

Annual/Interim Status Reports

The Office of Sponsored Research is responsible for the preparation of financial status reports. Typically these reports are submitted to the sponsor within 90 days of the end of each budget year. The award terms and conditions detail what, when, where, and how a report should be submitted.

Final Reports

Most Federal awards require a final financial report at the end of award period.  The final financial report must be submitted to the sponsor within 90 days of the project/award end date. The research administrator must ensure that expenses are complete and have posted to the PTA within 60 days of the project end date. Late report can mean severe penalties for the University, including refusal to pay the final invoice.

Non-Federal Awards

  • Final and interim invoices and reports (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual and final) will be submitted by OSR without departmental review.
  • Interim reports that require departmental action (budget variance resolution, expenses detail breakdown, carry forward restriction, PI. signature, etc) will be sent to the department for review and approval.

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