PI Absence from Project

Recognizes that a PI can be absent from campus and remain engaged in the project. 

Last Update: 3/15/2015

Summary of Change

The Uniform Guidance recognizes that a PI can be absent from campus and remain engaged in the project. Prior approval from federal awarding agencies must be obtained for the following program or budget-related reasons

  1. Change in the scope or the objective of the project or program (even if there is no associated budget revision requiring prior written approval).
  2. Change in a key person specified in the application or the Federal award.
  3. The disengagement from the project for more than three months, or a 25 percent reduction in time devoted to the project, by the approved project director or principal investigator.

Application at Stanford

The new term of disengagement in the Uniform Guidance will become part of Stanford Policy prospectively and retrospectively.

Specific to the School of Medicine, evidence of engagement or disengagement from a sponsored project should be documented on Attachment A of the Sabbatical Leave form which must be reviewed and approved by the School Dean's office, and forwarded to the Institutional Official who will review, counter sign and uploaded it into the appropriate SeRA record(s). 

Affected  Stanford Policies

RPH 3.3 Special Requirements Related to Sponsor Notifications and Prior Approvals -Updated 1/27/2015

RPH 14.2 Academic Policies Pertaining to Sponsored Project Proposals - Updated 1/27/2015

RPH 2.2 Acting Principal Investigatorship

Stanford FAQs

Q1.  I have a 12 month appointment in the SOM. Can I continue as the PI on my sponsored projects if I'm going on leave without salary to work at a company for two months.  

A.  No. Stanford policy does not allow an individual to be an employee at another organization and continue in the role of a PI at Stanford.  

Q2.  I going on a sabbatical for 6 months at the University of Melbourne in Australia. I plan to remain active in my research and will skype with my research team at Stanford daily. Can I continue to serve as PI during my absence?

A. Yes, you will remain engaged in the project therefore prior approval is not required by the Uniform Guidance.