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Faculty Senate Committee on Research (C-Res)

This page will present information for the Stanford community about the activities of the Academic Council Committee on Research (C-Res) for the 2021-22 school year. Linked here will be information about the Committee and about the various items on their agenda for this year.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contact the Committee Chair, Jennifer Dionne, or staff to the Committee, Denise Hofer, with any comments, questions or suggestions.

2021-2022 Roster

Faculty Members

Jennifer Dionne, Chair

Materials Science and Engineering

Raag Airan                 


Harold Hwang

Applied Physics and Photon Science

Amalia Kessler

Law School

Nicholas Ouellette

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Monika Schleier-Smith


Krish Seetah


Paul Segall


Marcia Stefanick


Brian Wandell


Academic Staff-Research Member

Adam Kerr

Senior Research Engineer - Electrical Engineering

Postdoctoral Scholar Member

Alaa Youssef


Student Members

Joy Hsu

Grad student:  Computer Science

Connie Hsueh

Grad Student: Applied Physics

Draven Rane

Undergraduate: Bioengineering

Ex Officio

Kathryn A. Moler

Vice Provost and Dean of Research (Applied Physics and Physics)

School Representatives and Guests

Kenneth Goodson

School of Engineering, Sr. Assoc Dean Faculty & Academic Affairs (Materials Science and Engineering)

Peter Michelson

School of H&S, Sr. Associate Dean, Natural Sciences (Physics)

Ruth O'Hara

School of Medicine, Sr. Assoc. Dean for Research (Psychiatry and Behavioral Science)

Jonathan Payne

School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Sr. Associate Dean (Geological Sciences)

Cindy Kiel

Associate Vice Provost for Research Compliance and Integrity

Susan Stayn

Office of General Counsel

Committee on Committees Liaison





Denise Hofer

Dean of Research Office


2021-2022 Schedule


Primary Topic(s)

Tuesday, October 19


via Zoom

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Research Development Office Overview

  • Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policies Revisions Proposal

Wednesday, Nov. 17


via Zoom

  • Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policies Revisions Proposal

  • Sustaining Research Project Presentation

Tuesday, Dec. 14


  • tbd

Tuesday, Jan. 25


  • tbd

Tuesday, Mar. 8


  • tbd







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