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Get help preparing my proposal.

Your department and school research administration team can help you. 

Proposal submission

Your Institutional Representative is responsible for the submitting proposals.

Once you complete it, send the proposal to your Institutional Representative  The Institutional Rep is the individual, named by Stanford University, who is authorized to act for the organization and to assume the obligations imposed by federal, state, and local laws, regulations, requirements, conditions as well as University policies that apply to the proposal and award.

In signing a proposal application and in accepting a corresponding award, this individual certifies that the applicant organization will comply with all applicable assurances and certifications referenced in the application. This individual's signature on the proposal application further certifies that the applicant organization will be accountable both for appropriate use of funds awarded and for the performance of the sponsored project activities resulting from the application.

Who is my Institutional Representative?

The Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) serves as the Institutional Representative for the University and is responsible for the submitting proposals. 

In the School of Medicine, the Research Management Group is responsible for preparing the entire budget and also serves as the Institutional Representative.

For industry awards (excluding clinical trials) the Institutional Representative is the Industrial Contracts Office.

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