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Acquire capital equipment.

Use the iProcurement application within Oracle Financials to place requisitions for capital equipment online. Requesters may create a Standard Purchase Requisition or order from Stanford Express.

It is critical to select the proper account number (also known as PTA-Project/Task/Award), Expenditure Type (ET), and Purchase Order (PO) category to ensure accurate completion of the transaction.

It is also critical to route all requisitions to the appropriate financial approvers. In addition to financial approval, requisitions for the following require approval of a DPA (Department Property Administrator): 

  • Capital equipment
  • Sponsor-owned equipment or materials
  • Equipment leases, loans, and donations
  • Fabrication components

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The following guidelines apply when acquiring equipment:

  1. The acquisition of equipment and or supplies is based on an established need in support of Stanford related business. 

  2. The acquiring organization must screen for available items to minimize duplicative acquisitions. 

  3. Acquisitions are allowable, reasonable, allocable, and consistent and are allowed by the terms and conditions of sponsored agreements.

Stanford policy prohibits the use of Stanford Pcards, personal funds or personal credit cards to purchase capital equipment or material for fabricated equipment.


For more information, please contact:

Stanley Dunn

Associate Director

Property Management Office

(650) 725-0081

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