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Allocate a recurring expense on a monthly basis.

An expenditure allocation PTA (EAPTA) is a specialized departmental expenditure PTA used solely to accumulate expenditures such as materials, supplies, services, or salaries whose distribution to the PTAs benefiting from the expenditures cannot be determined at the time the expenditure is incurred.  Departments distribute (or allocate) these expenditures monthly from the expenditure allocation PTA to benefiting PTAs using an allocation methodology that:

  • Produces an allocation of expense to each PTA in reasonable proportion to the benefit received
  • Logically relates to the type of expense incurred
  • Results in charges to benefiting PTAs that are allowable, allocable and reasonable

Do not open an expenditure allocation PTA for a one-time allocation of expense or if you can direct charge the expense to benefiting PTAs. One-time allocations of expense should be justified, including a statement addressing the one-time nature of the allocation.

Use the Request for Expenditure Allocation PTA form to open new EAPTAs or to request new projects and/or tasks on existing awards/projects. A guarantee award is required in order to open a new expenditure allocation PTA. (If you are using Firefox, please save a copy of the form onto your desktop to fill out.) Salary and non-salary expenditures are set up as separate expenditure allocation awards. Segregate expenditures subject to different allocation methodologies into separate project/task combinations.

Change requests to information other than the above after the EAPTA has been set up should be e-mailed to Joanna Tseng. For example, a change to the individual responsible for clearing the account, the allocation methodology, principal owner, award, project, task manager as well as titles and other attributes may be requested by email.



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