Final financial billing must be completed and submitted to the sponsor within the 90 day closeout period.

Last Update: 3/15/2015

Stanford Summary

The Uniform Guidance requires Stanford to submit final billing to the sponsor within the 90 day closeout period. While closeout has always been required within 90 days after the end date of the project, final billings have not been required within this time frame.


Application at Stanford

The Uniform Guidance is effective for federally sponsored agreements and new funding increments awarded on or after December 26, 2014. Federal awards received before December 26, 2014 must continue to follow the requirements in OMB A-21 and Stanford policy.

If you have a programmatic reason for extending the award and have funds available to continue the project, request a no cost extension. 

If you have a subaward, the subrecipient must submit all final billings well in advance of the 90 day period.

If you cannot closeout the award within the 90 day period, contact OSR to request a "closeout" extension from the sponsor.