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This class explains the fundamentals of subawards. You will learn how to distinguish between a subaward and another procurement action. You will learn how to propose, process, manage and monitor a subaward from setup to through closeout. This class is required for anyone who manages a subaward.


We recommend you complete: the Cardinal Curriculum Level I Certification which consists of 2 courses - Proposal And Budget Preparation:DOR-1120 and The Award Process: DOR-1121. We recommend you complete the required Cardinal Curriculum Level 2 courses before you take this course.

Complete the online learning and final test to receive credit for this course

The online material is divided into modules. We have constructed the course to fit into your life. You don’t have to read all the modules at once, although many people do. You can come and go in whatever way works for you. You can go back and review modules anytime before you take the test and any time in the future.Take the final test when you finish reading all the modules. You will find a link to it in the last module. 

Do you want to earn a certificate?

If you are working toward a Level 2 certificate, this class is an elective. We recommend you take it after taking the required Level 2 classes. Enroll in the Cardinal Curriculum Level 2 Certification Program (DOR-PROG-2002).

About the Final Test

You are required to pass a Final Test to receive credit for this course. You will find a link to it in the last module

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You can use this  course as an always available desktop reference. No need to register, just choose a module from the list and begin learning.

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