Understanding Cost Policy: ORA 1101

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Certificate program
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1 hour
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Pahulu, Angelika
(650) 721-1249

About this Course

This is an introductory course that discusses Stanford's accounting system, cost reimbursement policies, and the structure and use of the Chart of Accounts in Oracle Financials.

Do you want authority for approving transactions in Oracle Financials? 

This course is the first of three required for staff to be granted authority for approving transactions in Oracle Financials. It is also recommended for anyone initiating transactions in the Oracle Financials System.

  1. This course, Understanding Cost Policy (DOR 1101)
  2. FIN-0102: Using Stanford’s Chart of Accounts
  3. FIN-0103: Approving Financial Transactions

Do you want to earn a certificate?

This course is one of two courses required for a Cardinal Curriculum Level 1 Certificate.

About the Final Test

You are required to pass a final test to receive credit for this course. You will find a link to it in the last module. If you take the instructor led format, go to the last module and take the final test after you attend the course.

Desktop Reference

This course is an always available desktop reference. No need to register, just choose a module from the list and begin learning. You can learn first and register later.


  1. Understanding Cost Policy: Financial Basics
  2. Understanding Cost Policy: Stanford's Accounting System
  3. Understanding Cost Policy: Financial Transactions
  4. Understanding Cost Policy: Final Test

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