Cardinal Curriculum Level 1

Level 1 Courses and Certification

Cardinal Curriculum Level 1 consists of two classes: Understanding Cost Policy (DOR-1101), and Overview of Research and the Regulatory Environment (DOR-1102). A Level 1 Certificate is required for both new and continuing employees working in a research administration capacity. For new employees, a certificate should be earned within six months of hire. All Level 1 classes can be taken as instructor led (usually offered once each quarter) or web self-paced online. 

To earn a certificate:

  1. Register for the Cardinal Curriculum Level 1 Certification Program (DOR-PROG-1001) in STARS.
  2. Register for and complete both classes. Choose instructor led or online.
  3. Complete the tests associated with each class. 

You will receive a certificate within a month.

If you are not seeking a certificate, you can view the classes on this website at any time without registering. 

Click on each course title below for details and registration links.

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  • Has classroom component
  • Has online component
  • Has classroom component