Stanford Electronic Research Administration (SeRA)

The Stanford Electronic Research Administration System (SeRA) is an enterprise-wide system which supports research administration at Stanford.  SeRA tracks the various stages of the sponsored project lifecycle and is the institutional system of record for sponsored projects. 

The major components of SeRA:

  1. Proposing: The Proposal Development and Routing Form is used to collect and document information and approvals required to submit a sponsored project proposal.

    It is also used to set up internal University research awards. OSR requires a completed PDRF and attachments, after the funding organization issues the award, to set up a PTA.

  2. Award Processing: The award processing module tracks intake, negotiation, and acceptance of awards.

  3. Financial Account Setup: The Sponsored PTA Manager enables the online creation, extension and amendment of PTAs for sponsored projects.

For any technical issues or questions regarding SeRA, please submit a HelpSU ticket to SeRA Support.

For any business, transaction status or process-related questions, please contact your Institutional Official or Accountant.

Click on the appropriate module to submit a HelpSU ticket:


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