15.6 Tuition Allowance for Research Assistants

Defines the Tuition Allowance component of compensation for Graduate Student Research Assistants, and the manner in which that cost is shared between sponsored project funds and University or School funds.


Questions about this policy can be answered by:

Chris Golde, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education

1. Introduction

Graduate Student Assistantships are a form of student employment, earning a compensation package including both salary and tuition allowance (TAL) for the performance of research or teaching services to the University as part of the student’s academic and professional training and development.

A 50% Research Assistant will receive a per-quarter Tuition Allowance equal to the value of 8-9-10 units of tuition for each quarter of the appointment. Students with appointments of less than 50% receive a proportionately smaller amount of Tuition Allowance. (see Tuition Allowance Tables in the Releated Items below)

Except in the case of Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) students, no Tuition Allowance will be paid during Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarters unless the student is enrolled for 8-9-10 units. Departments may override this enrollment requirement in the case of students who need less than 8-9-10 units in order to reach TGR status.

Tuition charges and Tuition Allowance are based on the student's home school tuition rate, regardless of the location of the assistantship.

The University requires that any outside tuition support to which students have access will be used to the full extent before Tuition Allowance is claimed. Acceptance of a Stanford assistantship appointment obliges a student to inform the department of any other aid received.

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2. Cost of the Tuition Allowance

Except for TGR tuition, the cost of the Tuition Allowance is shared between the sponsored project funds supporting the assistantship and Stanford University or School funds. The manner is which this cost is shared will differ between the School of Medicine and all other Schools.

A. Principal Investigators Outside of the School of Medicine

Beginning Fall Quarter 2013, 60% of the cost of Tuition Allowance for Research Assistants is charged directly to the source of funding that supports the Research Assistant's salary. The remaining 40% of the cost of Tuition Allowance is charged to University General Funds, or in the Graduate School of Business, to the School. The tuition charge will be based on the tuition rate applicable to the School and the degree program in which the student is registered.


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